Key Accomplishments

Digital Marketing / Social Media

-Incorporated earned social media into 90 percent of PR programs at Heinz and achieved goals on all campaigns. 

-Implemented social media monitoring and reporting system (Sysomos) and integrated social media training into media training 101 module for all Heinz brands.

-Served on team to successfully launch official Facebook page for Heinz Ketchup and other brands following.

-Established quality measures for earned social media, including conversion rates and efficiency markers.

-Managed brand-related content for redesign and successful launch of updated

-Created engaging online content for redesigned website at Washington & Jefferson College.

-Led communications for consumer-generated commercial contest on YouTube that resulted in 10 MM views; 127,000 hours of online interaction; 4,000 qualified entries; and 75,000 votes

-Drove social media engagement on Facebook, Twitter and blogs for Heinz Ketchup through outreach for new Balsamic Ketchup and won award for “Best Digital Marketing." 

-Successfully led PR for launch of, an e-commerce site where consumers could create a custom message on ketchup bottles.

-Effectively engaged audiences through strategic content creation for Weight Watchers Smart Ones health and wellness online community at

Cause Marketing

-Led communications for partnership between Heinz and Wounded Warrior Project that encouraged Americans to send a thank you to veterans using a QR code. The campaign exceeded PR goals and resulted in a $250,000 donation.

-Successfully managed cause marketing partnership between Bagel Bites and Boys & Girls Club of America encouraging Americans to "Snack Simply." The campaign exceeded goals and resulted in a donation of $65,000.

Media Relations

- Successfully launched a news bureau for Weight Watchers Smart Ones. The bureau exceeded goals and generated 85 MM media impressions and coverage in Woman’s World, The Daily Buzz, Hungry Girl, Redbook and more!

-Drove awareness for the new Ore-Ida grilling product line with a PR/media relations campaign that exceeded media impression goals by 25% (94MM total impressions).

-Managed communications for launch of Heinz Dip & Squeeze innovative packaging that resulted in more than 100 MM media impressions in top tier media and national awards for best new packaging innovation.

-Launched media relations campaign for Ore-Ida Steam N' Mash that resulted in placements in Good Housekeeping, Redbook, and both local and national broadcast news.

-Led media relations for launch of Heinz personalized labels campaign, which generated more that 100MM media impressions and top-tier national placements in outlets such as USA Today, NY Times, GMAFox & Friends, and Associated Press.

-Successfully framed a masterbrand story of innovation leadership with strategic placements in Food &Drug Packaging and top-tier media.

-Developed successful media relations campaign to drive increased consumption of Heinz Vinegar by leveraging multiple uses for both cooking and cleaning.

-Leveraged expertise of faculty at W&J across all disciplines to frame and pitch national consumer stories with placements in Redbook, WSJ, Chronicle of Higher Education, Cosmopolitan and more.

Partnerships and Sponsorships

-Maximized Heinz Field naming rights through successful PR outreach, commercial sponsorships and media integration tactics.

-Leveraged partnership between Heinz Vinegar and PAAS through holiday PR campaign that resulted in an ongoing, annual partnership to drive sales.

-Contributed to uptick in holiday sales by promoting partnership between Heinz Chili Sauce and Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce through branded integration, promotions and media relations.


-Managed partnerships and relationships with brand spokespeople and celebrity endorsers, including Sandra Lee, Rachael Ray, Devin Alexander, Spike Mendelsohn, and more.

-Grew engagement with key trade influencers year-over-year by maximizing sponsorship of South Beach Wine & Food Festival and Food & Nutrition Conferences.

Internal Communication

-Successfully established and delivered internal news reporting system at Heinz North America (HNA) to keep all employees aware of industry news and trends.

-Served as a key North American representative on global communications team to share key learnings and advise on internal communications issues and opportunities. 

-Effectively crafted and distributed HNA internal announcements, including new hire news, important leadership announcements, and structural changes.

-Served on internal team for successful planning and execution of internal events, including quarterly meetings, town halls, annual sales meetings, internal announcements and more.

-Created and delivered key messages and talking points for executive level administrators at W&J and contributed to successful planning and execution of on campus events.

-Managed creation of HNA style guide to ensure consistency of brand and corporate references.

-Managed communications for project "One Heinz" in an effort to re-imagine the consumer and foodservice business units as one, united front.

-Established consistent internal communication vehicles at W&J through digital intranet, weekly e-newsletter and monthly staff meetings.

-Developed executive talking points and key messages for internal announcements to ensure consistent and effective message delivery.


Community Relations

Served on a team charged with strengthening relations between W&J College and the community. Efforts resulted in renewed relations and media coverage in The Chronicle of Higher Education and Observer-Reporter.